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We value our customer's feedback to keep the great service and be open to any improvements because the reason of everything we do is YOU.

Chef Christian's food and presentation were awesome. I would highly recommend him. This experience will make me a return customer for certain.


Our party of eight could not have been more pleased with the five courses and the service provided by Chef Christian. He is a complete professional in his field and would be a certain hire again if our travels bring us to the Sarasota, FL area again. The arrangement communications were smooth, service exceptional, and food delectable.


Creative, delicious and from the heart
I would highly recommend Chef Christian. Not only did he present interesting and absolutely delicious food but he explained each course and why it was included. If I am ever in Sarasota again I will definitely call Chef Christian.


Like best: We hired Chef Christian for our family beach vacation in Bradenton FL where he created beautiful full menus not only for the Adults but the children as well. We were blown away with the professionalism and creativity and planning that went into every morsel put on the plate. Every course was 10 out of 10. Not only is the food amazing but Chef Christian creates this beautiful atmosphere where you can watch him cook and enjoy every minute of seeing your food constructed and then being served elegantly a 5 Star meal. It was an honor to have him cook for our family. I would highly recommend Chef Christian’s services for any event no matter how small or large!
Would recommend: Yes
Anything to add: Just a personal thank you for letting us experience your craft! Everything was perfect. Sebastian was awesome as well!

Melissa Wyatt

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